Katie Cleese is a Los Angeles-based photographer, also working occasionally in the San Francisco Bay Area, who specializes in headshot photography. In 2009, in need of a change, she started her own photography business after working in various areas of the entertainment industry for the better part of 8 years.

Having spent most of her life taking pictures, she decided to take the plunge and go into business for herself, drawing upon her years of experience in the film industry and diverse photography background to bring a unique and fresh eye to her photos.

In the 7+ years since starting her business, she's had a wide array of clients, including start-up companies, law firms, book authors, actors, musicians, consultants, entrepreneurs and universities, including Stanford and San Francisco State University's College of Business.

In addition to shooting headshots, she also has experience doing family photos, engagement photos, set photography, pet portraits, travel photos, graduation portraits, fashion photos, product photos and concert photography. She is available for hire for any of these services as well; samples of this other work can be viewed in the Other Galleries section of this website or through the Katie Cleese Photography Facebook page. 

All Images Copyright © 2016 Katie Cleese
In Katie's view, the visual medium of photography has always been and continues to be the most inspiring and exciting medium with which to tell a story, whether it be over the course of two hours on film or in a single moment in a still photograph; she believes it's through the telling of stories that we're able to glimpse people's humanity, tapping into the common bond we all share as individuals, making our way in the world, separately yet together.

She looks forward to telling your story.